The Art Of Bohemia Series: From Thailand To Maldives, A Visiting Chef Experience With Chudaree “Tam” Debhakam From Baan Tepa Culinary Space

The Nautilus Maldives celebrates diverse and creative crafts through its “Art of Bohemia” brand hallmark. From 6–11 May 2023, guests are invited to journey on a  culinary experience to Asia, savouring the flavours of modern Thai cuisine presented in fine  dining style by visiting Chef Chudaree “Tam” Debhakam.  
Chef Tam creates the most artistic version of the cuisine of Thailand, combining traditional  flavours with unconventional cooking methods, playing around with a combination of different  local and international ingredients. The Nautilus’s guests will be able to watch her cook up a  storm at this ultra-luxury bohemian private island hideaway – and will be blown away and  pleasantly surprised by the unique presentation of her dishes. Chef Tam will offer tasters of her  creations at turndown and during the Nautilus Rising Cocktail Hour. Her visit’s main event will  be five-course dinner experience featuring her signature dishes at The Nautilus’s signature  restaurant, Zeytoun. 
As chef and owner of Baan Tepa, a restaurant located on farmland, Chef Tam is renowned for  her sustainable food concept and emphasis on fresh organic produce. This commitment to  sustainable farming and her culinary experimentation, first attracted significant attention when  she won Season 1 of Top Chef Thailand in 2017. Being the first to hold this title, as well as the  youngest in the competition, garnered her additional acclaim as Thailand’s rising star. Following  this win, she travelled across the world, cooking and showcasing modern Thai cuisine. 
Andre Miethig, General Manager of The Nautilus, explains the appeal of Chef Tam’s approach  and how it resonates with The Nautilus’s vision:  
“With her background in farm-driven cuisine and her nutrition knowledge, Chef Tam’s cooking  focuses on responsibly grown and local produce. Her insights into sustainable food concepts are crucial to The Nautilus as we begin our journey to cultivating our organic garden at our  closeby private island. What’s more, her passion for creative gastronomy, traditional Thai  flavours and a modern flare resonates with our ‘Art of Bohemia’ concept, which enriches our  guest experience and celebrates life’s greatest gifts through activities that emphasise a passion  for self-expression, a taste for elegance and a touch of trademark whimsy.”
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