The best of movies and TV meets the best of hospitality: Neelam & Samir’s family vacay at Lily Beach

Renowned Indian actors Neelam Kothari and Samir Soni, with their daughter Ahana, are currently holidaying at the best all-inclusive resort in the Maldives – Lily Beach Resort & Spa.
Neelam is an actress and Indian jewellery designer who has worked with high-profile movie stars in many popular Bollywood movies. Samir Soni is an Indian movie and television actor, director, writer, and former fashion model who is also well known in the industry. These two make a power couple where both are considered great actors who have created some phenomenal content in the Indian movie and TV industry. For artists of such calibre, they deserve vacation time as a family to unwind at top-notch destinations. Rightly so, Mrs. Neelam and Mr. Samir decided to have their holiday at the best all-inclusive resort in the Maldives, which is one of the few local owner-operated resorts in the country. The best of movies and TV meets the best of hospitality during this stay – check out their social media to see what life is like at the ultimate tropical family vacay experience in the Maldives.
Just recently, Neelam shared an exquisite photo on social media that has got everyone talking. In the image, she is posing near her in-villa pool at the highly desired Beach Residence giving away many hues of blue. Neelam encapsulates the Maldives’ experience as she writes, “When you wake up to this view... it’s like heaven on earth”. 
Fans quickly took to social media to encourage the star to have an amazing vacation and to also get back to creating some great content. Many are surely referring to the popular Netflix reality TV show “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives”, where Neelam stars as herself along with three other women who all give rare insight and glimpses into their star-filled lives. One important plot in that series regarding her life is that she is considering making her return to acting, which many of her fans are eagerly anticipating.
More about the best all-inclusive resort in the Maldives
Neelam and Samir are vacationing at an award-winning, 5-star resort in the Maldives that was named “The Best, All-Inclusive Resort in Asia” by TripAdvisor in 2020 and the best resort in that category in the Maldives by World Travel Awards in 2020. Lily Beach Resort & Spa is considered the country’s pioneer in all-inclusive tourism.
With its world-famous Platinum Plan, covering everything from food and drink, snorkelling equipment, fitness classes, multiple excursions, and more, Lily Beach offers the most value-for-money among the country’s resort offerings. It has four gastronomic experiences which include Tamarind, a scrumptious Indian/Thai restaurant with dishes that are unrivalled in the country. 
Time and time again for the last 27 years, Lily Beach Resort & Spa has proven itself the best all-inclusive resort in the country and one of the best family resorts. Its perfect location, crystal clear sea, soft sandy beaches, and sunny weather create a year-round dreamy destination. The finishing touches come from the quality of food/drinks and the expert service provided by staff: the pillars of the Lily Beach experience.
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