The Story of SustainLinen – Tote Bags with Purpose at Angsana Velavaru, an EarthCheck Gold Certified Resort

 In the heart of Angsana Velavaru, an all-inclusive premium and an EarthCheck Gold Certified resort in South Nilandhe Atoll, a remarkable tale of sustainability, creativity, and the inherent purpose of everything unfolds.  It is a story that begins with a simple idea conceived from the commitment to protect the all-natural, beautiful surroundings, "SustainLinen – Tote Bags with Purpose.”
The journey of the SustainLinen – Tote Bags with Purpose started with the Green Sustainability Team, a group of dedicated associates representing each department at the resort, driven by a shared vision of a greener, more sustainable future.  They pondered a question that would set their creative spirits soaring: “What if we did not have to discard our discarded linens?  What if we could breathe new life into them, turning the ordinary into a symbol of eco-consciousness?”
The concept of SustainLinen – Tote Bags with Purpose was born.  The linens that once adorned the resort's villas, having fulfilled their duty in pampering guests with comfort, are now destined for a remarkable transformation.  Instead of becoming waste, they would be reborn as meaningful and purposeful totes, each one unique and woven with a touch of Maldivian charm.
The transformative journey commences at the heart of the island, where the resort's talented tailors take centre stage.  Infused with a profound dedication to sustainability, they meticulously choose and launder the cast-off linens, priming them for a renewed purpose. With keen attention to detail, they skillfully weave these linens, fashioning purposeful totes laden with significance.
The story does not end there.  The real magic of the SustainLinen – Tote Bags with Purpose lies in its design, a collaborative effort of the resort's associates who pour their creativity into the pieces.  They draw inspiration from the breathtaking surroundings, especially the vibrant marine life beneath the surface.
The result?  Totes that are not only eco-friendly but also a true reflection of the Maldivian paradise.  Angsana Velavaru encourages associates to use these tote bags as an alternative to disposable plastic bags, thereby reducing the resort's plastic waste output.  It is a small yet significant step toward a greener and more sustainable future.  
As a symbol of Angsana Velavaru’s commitment to sustainability and the belief that everything has a purpose – and that purpose can be repurposed, associates use these totes at work or when going to a neighbouring local island for shopping trips.  On 21 September, during the celebration of World Cleanup Day, they have introduced this initiative to 55 students of Maaenboodhoo School at Dh. Maaenboodhoo, South Nilandhe (Dhaalu) Atoll.  They have also started introducing these to in-house guests so that when they go home after their holiday, they are carrying a piece of the Maldives.
The story of SustainLinen – Tote Bags with Purpose is a testament to the power of small ideas and collaborative efforts.  It is a reminder that even in paradise, there is always room for innovation, a deep sense of responsibility, and the understanding that everything, no matter how humble its origins, can find new life and meaning.  This is an inspiration of a more sustainable tomorrow, one stitch at a time.
Join Angsana Velavaru in embracing sustainability and in contributing to a more resilient and harmonious future.  Discover more at  Sustainability | Angsana.
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