Visit Maldives collabs with “TEZ Tour” as part of the effort to maintain momentum in the Russian market

Visit Maldives collaborates with Russian tour operator, TEZ Tour, as part of the effort to maintain momentum and increase arrivals from the Russian market, specifically during the coming peak season.
TEZ Tour is one of the top five tour operators of Russia. Visit Maldives is collaborating with the tour operator on a special campaign, which will be held from August to September, targeting potential travelers and tourism industry stakeholders from Russia.
During the campaign, dedicated advertising and promotional activities will be held on social media, TV, Radio, blogs and via webinars. This includes advertising on Euronews and other regional TV stations and radio channels. The campaign activities are estimated to reach 15 Million people from the target audience.
The campaign activities will promote the Maldives as a safe haven for Russian travelers, highlighting the geographical advantages of the scattered islands for post pandemic travels. During the campaign we will relay the latest information of the destination, including the stringent measures in place at our resorts, hotels, guesthouses and liveaboards, to potential travelers and travel trade partners from Russia.
Further, this campaign will assist Maldives to maintain its popularity and momentum in the Russian market, increase future bookings and arrivals to Maldives for and beyond the peak season. As of 18th August 2021, Russia is the top source market to Maldives this year, with 154,380 arrivals, which accounts for 22% of total arrivals. The country has remained in the top 10 source markets to Maldives in the past two years, ranking 2nd with 61,387 arrivals in 2020 and 6th with 83,369 arrivals in 2019.
Visit Maldives has conducted campaigns with Expedia, FAM trips, Roadshow, participation in MITT 2021, Moscow Dive Show, Luxury Travel Mart (LTM) Moscow and photo exhibition with National Geographic in Moscow so far this year. Ongoing activities targeting the Russian market includes social media marketing activities on Telegram, VK and FB, activity by Maldives Online Academy ATOR, Moya Planeta TV show broadcast, Photo Exhibition with National Geographic in St. Petersburg.
Activities planned ahead for the year for the Russian market include webinar for travel trade, joint campaigns with stakeholders, media FAM trips from Ukraine (CIS regions), participation in Ukraine International Travel Market and Deluxe Travel Market.
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