Visit Maldives holds award ceremony for “Thasveeru: Maldives Through Art” Competition

Visit Maldives holds ceremony to confer awards to the winners of “Thasveeru: Maldives Through Art” competition. The ceremony was held on 13th October at MMPRC.
Certificates and prize money for the winners of this competition were conferred by Managing Director of Visit Maldives, Thoyyib Mohamed.
Ahmed Ihsan and Aminath Rooba Ali won first place and second place respectively in the local category and Malar Vizhi Kadarkaraipandai from India and Karolina Pys from Poland won first place and second place respectively in the international category. The first place winner won a cash prize of $3000 while the second place winner won a cash prize of $2000 in both local and international categories. Over 110 artworks were submitted for the art competition.
“It is our great pleasure to present these rewards to the inspiring and talented artists who presented us with beautiful artworks of the Maldives. Our dream was to portray the Maldives in a medium that can capture the feeling of the Maldives, and the artists captured this in a remarkable way”, stated Thoyyib Mohamed, Managing Director of Visit Maldives.
The art competition, held in collaboration with the Maldivian Artist Community, MAC was held from 15th July to 15th August 2021. The competition offered a platform for local and international artists to paint and interpret the Maldives under the theme, “Celebration of Nature: Beautiful Ecosystems''. Winners of the competition were selected based on 50% of instagram likes and 50% of the total score given by the judging panel for the artwork.
This is a unique initiative launched for the first time under the social media strategies of Visit Maldives in order to promote the destination as a top choice for travelers in the global market and increase engagement on the Visit Maldives social media platforms. The competition empowered the local artist community to depict the awe-inspiring beauty of the destination and its natural ecosystems.
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