Summertime Magic in the Maldives

Summer is just on the horizon. Long days and short nights await. But did you know that it’s almost always summer in the Maldives? Sunny all year around, as we like to say. Do you wonder what a summer's day in the Maldives is like? We’ve got a whole lot going on. Let’s start with salutations to the morning sun.
Greet the Day with a Summer Sunrise
Sunsets get all the adoration, but have you ever seen a sunrise in the Maldives? Different energy from a sunset, sure, but equally glorious. Bask in the first rays of sunlight and listen to the dawn chorus of the melodic Koels. Watch the light illuminate the iconic crystaline waters of the Maldives. 
Saudedum                                                                ekmed_mv
Best place to see a sunrise
 ….. And the list goes on. What are your favourite spots to watch the sunrise?
Local Breakfast + Tropical Drinks = Most Summery Breakfast Ever 
Have you heard of mashuni? (mas = fish, huni = grated coconut) 
  • Smoked Tuna  or Canned Tuna (or even skip the tuna altogether and go for some tofu for the vegan option) 
  • Freshly grated coconut (frozen is alright if you’re not in the Maldives) 
  • Stemmed and minced green chilis, minced shallots, salt, freshly ground black pepper
Mix it all together, pair it with a kalhu sai (black tea) and a fresh roshi (Maldivian flatbread) and there you go, you’ve successfully made one of the most meeru (delicious) Maldivian breakfasts. And that’s just mashuni. We’ve got a whole lot more. 
We sometimes like to have two drinks along with our breakfasts. Black tea for the warmth, and a refreshing freshly squeezed juice for the icy sweetness.  
Here are your options:  Papaya, watermelon, mangoes, guava, passionfruit, or for the truly adventurous soul, why not try a local screwpine juice? 
Fresh produce in the Maldives is usually grown in small farms on various islands, through sustainable means. Fresh, organic, free from chemicals, all so good. 
Travel tip: Find the café with the most locals when you visit faraway places. Y’know these are the places serving the good stuff. In the Maldives, look for the tiny food carts that serve fresh coconut drinks and local snacks. 
Rest, Rest, and Rest in the Summer. Oh, did I say rest? 
“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” 
— John Lubbock
“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” 
 — Sam Keen
The Maldives is a destination one should never feel bad lazing around in. After all, the hammocks, beach beds and sunbeds are inviting you to come, relax, and let go of your worries. Time slows down in the Maldives. The gentle rustling of palm fronds fills the air. The sea, with her ever-hypnotic waves, can enthral the curious observer. 
And then it hits. You’ve found yourself in one of those cliche’ summer postcards. It’s picture perfect, it feels like you just stepped into one of those postcards and the view stretches as far as the eye can see. You think to yourself ‘I’ll just stay on this hammock for a bit longer’ and you’re absolutely right. That’s summer in the Maldives for you. 
Watersports for Days on your Summer Forever Menu 
Tired of resting? In need of an adrenaline boost? 
Welcome to the watersports stand. We’ve got you covered. Today on the Summer Forever menu we have: 
Paradisemaldives                         addhu_maldives                          siarezphotography
  1. A healthy dose of jetski for those who wish to feel the wind in their hair 
  2. A shot of surfing for those who wish  to conquer the majestic waves in Maldives
  3. A relaxing cup of paddleboarding for those who wants no frills
  4. An exhilarating pint of parasailing for those who wants to fly
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Summertime Magic
Magic is real in the Maldives. 
The corals, the first settlers of the Maldives, are magic. 
The many thousands of brightly colored (and the not so brightly colored) marine life that live beneath are magic. 
The ecosystem, with its complexities and wonders, are magic. 
Ready your snorkel, mask, and fins, and peek into the world beneath. In it you will find a metropolis of life. You’ll be surprised by what’s possible with just a snorkel. In South Ari Atoll, you can meet whale sharks, the gentle beasts of the ocean. Just make sure to maintain a healthy distance and  respect their space. As majestic as they are, their tails can knock you out. In Hanifaru Bay, you can glide alongside majestic manta rays, quite the celebrities of the Maldivian waters. If you’re more of a reptile fan, you can head to the local island of Thoddoo for an encounter with turtles. 
You can even snorkel and explore shipwrecks. Talk about a summer adventure. 
And that’s just snorkelling. A world awaits for the divers. 
Wherever you stay, whether it is a resort, guesthouse, local island or hotel, your property can definitely arrange a snorkelling tour or a dive for you.
Travel Tip: If you wanna dive in as many spots as possible, consider living aboard a liveaboard.
A Summer Goodbye 
And that’s just one summer day. Can you imagine the sheer amount of amazing experiences you can have during your entire trip in the Maldives? Life is different in the sunny side of life. It’s slow, calm and peaceful. Thrilling when you want it, serene when you need it. The Maldives is all that and more. 
So pack your sunscreen(s), read up on All Things Maldives For Your First Trip and come experience heaven on earth. 
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