Cute Date Ideas In The Maldives That Won’t Break The Bank

Scattered like jewels across the Indian Ocean, the Maldives effortlessly blends romance, fun, and thrills...

A Conversation with Éric S. - a Tourist who has visited 94 resorts in the Maldives!

Meeting Eric and his wife at Manta Air seaplane lounge 

The Sea of Stars in the Sunny Side of Life

Photo by Mohamed Ahsan

Life in a Bubble

Secluded in the lush foliage, the dome rests facing the endless sky and sea. The sky is black as coal, yet the billions of stars glisten as bright as day. Not unlike the eagle rays that glide through

A Walk in the Wild

The humble wilds of the Maldives are home to diverse life, the inspiration for many a folktale, and mystifying mysteries. The wilds are home to 166 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals and rept

Your Own Robinson-Crusoe Experience in the Maldives

Did you ever read Robinson Crusoe as a child and wonder if you could survive on a deserted island all by yourself? Just you against the elements?

A Party for Your Palette; Must-Try Maldivian Cuisine

Food has been a Maldivian love language, our ancestors poured their hearts and souls into creating unique delicacies derived from dishes around the world.

Traditional Games And Favourite Sports From The Sunny Side Of Life!

Any society has games and sporting activities that are passed down through generations and provide insight into local cultures and traditions.

11 Questions with the Olive Ridley Project

Photo by oliveridleyproject