Walk down memory lane with Maldivian cultural attires

The cultural attire of any country is an inherent part of the identity of its people. The Maldives, like any other country, is blessed with cultural attires which are unique, rich with traditional...

The wedding photoshoot of your dreams in the Maldives

Symbolic destination weddings are all the hype right now. With covid restrictions, so many weddings over the last few years had to be held without the ceremony, photographs...

A Perfect Valentine's Day for Two in the Maldives

Wake up to the rhythm of waves washing ashore in the Maldives. Your loved one is by your side. It’s 14th February - a very special day indeed. You wonder if you made the right decision to come to t...

Inspire Your Instagram Followers with these Must-Have Shots from the Maldives

In the Maldives, we are blessed with picture perfect palm trees, white sandy beaches, and skies which put on jaw-dropping displays anytime of the day.

All things Maldives for your first trip!

Photo credit left to right: Talisman Fluoro beach towel by Wear Toddy, Shifaaz shamoon, Rayyu Maldives,  After Sun Gel by Mula Maldives, Shifaaz Shamoon, Saffu, Fuschia coral print halter neck...

Six snacks to take back home from the Maldives

Maldivian cuisine and snacks are unique to our country.

The Hypnotizing Rhythms of Boduberu

Imagine the softness of the sand beneath your feet and the faint sound of waves washing ashore in the distance. You are immersed in the rhythmic beat of drums. The tempo of the ancient percussion rise

Fishing: The Lifeline of Maldives

Photocredit: javardh

Mythical “Paree Fengandu” a must visit spot in Gan

Often described as paradise on earth, the islands of Maldives are more than just sun, sand, and sea.  These islands, scattered across the ocean like gems, have countless man-made and natural a...