Maldives; tackling the climate crisis, together and sustainably

The word sustainability has become synonymous with everything from environmental conservation to sound business models as of late

06 Eco-rich areas to Visit in the Maldives for a Holiday in Tune with Nature

The Maldives, located in the middle of the equator, is an island nation with something for every kind of holidaymaker, be it those looking for a family vacation, fun in the sun, a romantic getaway,...

Autumn's Odyssey

They say the first minutes of a sea turtle's life is unforgiving. 

Traditional Maldivian Medicine - Knowledge Worth Preserving

Traditional medicines, or ‘dhivehi beys’ are an integral part of our heritage in the Maldives.

50 Ultimate Experiences: Your Next Holiday Inspiration

1. Take a scenic aerial tour on a seaplane

The sea; our pride and joy!

The Maldives is renowned as an island nation, blessed abundantly with magnificent underwater sceneries and diverse marine life.

What's Life Like Aboard a Liveaboard?

I’ve always wondered. 

Maldives; the Antidote to your Zoom Fatigue

The ever-changing world of tourism requires frequent adaptation to cater to the needs of all groups of travellers, be it leisure, business or even both.

Summertime Magic in the Maldives

Summer is just on the horizon. Long days and short nights await. But did you know that it’s almost always summer in the Maldives? Sunny all year around, as we like to say.

From Maldives History : Hihcchah Vadaigathun

A Royal Procession, A Communal Festival, A Musical Extravaganza