Summertime Magic in the Maldives

Summer is just on the horizon. Long days and short nights await. But did you know that it’s almost always summer in the Maldives? Sunny all year around, as we like to say.

From Maldives History : Hihcchah Vadaigathun

A Royal Procession, A Communal Festival, A Musical Extravaganza

Visit Maldives for unlimited fun under the sun for the little ones!

A lot goes into planning a family vacation, especially if you’re travelling with kids.

Keyodhoo Shipwreck: The Sunken Treasure at Vaavu

Shipwrecks and sunken treasures hold a strange place in our imagination. They conjure up stories of sailors, pirates, explorers and almost always, tales  of ill-fated expeditions.

10 reasons to visit the Southern heart of the Maldives, Addu City

In the southernmost point of the Maldivian archipelago lies Addu City, a magically distinctive place imbued with rich history and magnificent panoramas.

Maahefun - A Unique Maldivian Tradition to Welcome Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a month of self-reflection, meditation, and compassion, and a month of holy worship for muslims.

Step Back in Time in the Maldives at these 4 cultural hotspots

The Maldives is an ancient civilization. Scholars and historians estimate that the Maldives was populated over 2,500 years ago. The Maldivian people can trace their ancestors back to parts of India...

The Magic of Maldivian Hospitality

Scattered like pearls across the deep blue Indian ocean, the islands of Maldives are irresistible in every way. The Maldives is home to sandy white beaches, glistening waters...

Walk down memory lane with Maldivian cultural attires

The cultural attire of any country is an inherent part of the identity of its people. The Maldives, like any other country, is blessed with cultural attires which are unique, rich with traditional...

The wedding photoshoot of your dreams in the Maldives

Symbolic destination weddings are all the hype right now. With covid restrictions, so many weddings over the last few years had to be held without the ceremony, photographs...