Choose the Maldives for a Blissful Babymoon!

A babymoon is a wellness retreat for the parents-to-be and kind of a last hurrah for the expecting parents before welcoming their bundle of joy to this world. It's a must for first-time parents to enjoy this alone time before welcoming a third wheel into their lives for the next 18 years. It's best to plan your babymoon trip in your second trimester, between 14 and 28 weeks into your pregnancy, according to gynaecologists, but make sure to discuss with your ob-gyn to know if or when is the best time for you to plan and travel.
Every pregnancy is different. And making a new life becomes very tiring for your body, mind, and soul, so this getaway is a much-deserved reprieve, especially for the mommy-to-be. It should consist of relaxing and pampering activities which rejuvenate and relax you. So, what better place for your babymoon than the Maldives, where there is an abundance of amenities and activities to celebrate this magical time of your life?
So why the Maldives?
Connectivity – The Maldives is connected to the world via over 35 international airlines which offer luxury to budget trips with direct transit options. The Maldives is especially ideal for expecting mommies from the Southeast Asia region, as short-haul trips are best for expecting parents. There are many direct flights from all regions of the world to the Maldives, connecting you directly to our gateway if you don’t mind the long-haul journey. 
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Privacy – We are famed for being one of the most private destinations, offering ultimate serenity for those looking to get some downtime.  
Luxurious amenities - Our one-island-one-resorts offer accommodation for couples on over-water or beach villas, providing all the amenities for a lowkey stay with gorgeous views and relaxing activities. Resorts also offer curated packages with butlers to ease everything for you during your stay.
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Gastronomy – Maldivian resorts provide you with half to full board options, with the flexibility to have meals included in your package or to opt for an open option to have meals in restaurants or cafes on the island depending on your mood. You can either inform resorts of dietary restrictions prior to your travel or even during the visit, to suit your pregnancy cravings or to choose a restricted diet for those with certain food preferences either as a personal choice or due to food sensitivities. But worry not, here in our resorts, every little detail can be personalised, especially food options to match your palate. All we know is that there will be many options of gourmet food for two (plus the partner), after all, food is a universal love language we take really seriously.
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Many Maldivian resorts offer babymoon packages, easily personalised and curated to match the requirements of expecting parents and the type of babymoon they want to have. You can nitpick what you want to do during this must-have vacation of a lifetime.
Here are some activities to include in your babymoon itinerary to the Maldives
Wellness and spa sessions – Many resorts in the Maldives come with wellness and spa facilities with extensive packages and services included for you to choose from. Wellness and spa facilities provide different types of soak bath options. These can include milk, plant or essential oil baths, full body scrubs, body and foot massages, facials, hair treatment- you name it we’ve got it. It can be a one to a two-day pampering session, or you can extend different activities to last the whole babymoon. Some of these things could be just for the mommy, but there are a few things like couples massages which can be good for the new parents to experience together. This is the perfect therapy for the woman who is literally growing life within her
Gender reveal by the beach – You can actually have a fuss-free, easy gender reveal party here and just stream it live to your loved ones at home. Take a video and share it on your socials by requesting the resort to help you make the perfect video. Resorts organise everything for you as per your request. Ask for a customised cake, with an assortment of dishes or snacks to accompany. This celebration can be held at the beach, on a pier overlooking the horizon, on a sandbank, by the infinity pool of your overwater villas, or maybe during breakfast served on a floating tray? Endless ideas and options to choose from. Get creative and make your gender reveal unique.
Island-style maternity shoot – Now you can mix this with the gender reveal, and the vistas of the Maldivian islands are incomparable and would make a great setting for a maternity shoot. Like the gender reveal ideas we just gave, you could go for a shoot at the beach, pool, or pier with sunset in the background or the green canopy of trees. Request for a photographer, or any other setting you want through your resort beforehand and let them take care of everything. Maybe go for a Maldivian-themed shoot with you adorned in a Dhivehi libaas (traditional Maldivian dress) and your partner wearing a traditional men’s mundu (sarong).
Lounge by the pool, with endless options of non-alcoholic yet refreshing drinks - A slight tan may be something you would love to get before heading into busy days once your baby is born. So let the relaxing lounging begin, while you read through your pregnancy books. Now, what is missing from that picture? We think it’s a drink. Our resorts have a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks, fresh juices and mocktails to replenish the baby mama - You may have had to give up caffeine and alcohol but worry not, there are many refreshing tropical drinks on our menus to keep you satiated and feeling refreshed.
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Snorkel or dive in shallow waters – You can always inquire from your ob-gyn about the kind of activities which are safe for you. Swimming or snorkelling in the shallow waters of our aqua lagoons and beaches are rather safe activities if your pregnancy has been free of complications. It’s been described as the best feeling, floating in the salty water, soaking up the sun while you're pregnant. It makes you feel weightless which we are sure is a foreign concept when you start to carry another human inside of you.
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Plant a coral frame for your offspring - There are a few resorts which provide this option. But it's worth doing the research and choosing one which accommodates things like this for your babymoon. Once you choose and plant a coral, the resort would give you regular updates on the growth of the coral sent to you as your baby grows inside you. Isn’t that cute?
So, there you have it, just a few of the reasons why the Maldives is the perfect choice for your babymoon. And if you chose us for your honeymoon and babymoon, maybe you can create the perfect tradition of making the Sunny Side of Life your go-to vacation spot, and travel here for a family getaway once the little one is old enough to travel. After all, there are ample reasons why this is the perfect vacation getaway.
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