Recipe: Kulhi Roshi

Kulhi Roshi is a spicy and crunchy traditional Maldivian fish chips made with local spices, which is a popular tea time snack.

Recipe: Bajiyaa

Stuffed with dried fish, curry leaves, curry powder and onion, this triangular-shaped Maldivian short-eat is an all-time favorite.

Recipe: Mas Huni

No Maldivian breakfast will be complete without this dish. Get to know how it is prepared.

Recipe: Kashikeyo Kandhi

Delight your tastebuds with this unique Maldivian desert. The mildly sweet and milky flavors compliment each other in perfect harmony.

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Flyboarding: pump up the adrenaline

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Swimming with Mantas

The Maldives offers one of the best access to snorkeling or diving with mantas. Mantas roam in groups entering channels and even the shallower lagoons of island along the reef edge. A ten-minute bo...